How to Have More Versatility in Your Hair Instantly

The first hair weaves were created in the 1950s. It was an attractive alternative to hair pieces and wigs that tended to not look very natural and could be extremely warm and uncomfortable to wear. The weave let people still display and style their own hair, but have their hair look instantly thicker and longer. By weaving the hair pieces directly onto the natural hair, it eliminated the need for pins that were heavy and poked at the scalp.

Today weaves do not just look natural, many of them actually are. The best quality hairpieces are made from beautiful, natural hair. They come from women of all ethnic groups around the world to ensure that every woman can find the right color, texture and thickness to match their own hair.


This is not a look that is just for women who want long, flowing locks. Many short weaves are used today to create stylish, professional looks. These are for women who want instant versatility with their hair style and could use a little extra volume. A weave can provide them that in a natural and fun way without having to wait for their hair to grow.

There are numerous weave hairstyles of all lengths, so they really are a product that is beneficial to women of any age and any style. They can be made to create hot looks for date night or look refined and sleek for the office. A weave can be washed, dried and styled normally, because they are made from genuine hair. This makes them easy to care for and keeps them looking beautiful for months, possibly as long as a couple of years.

The hair pieces can be purchased directly from a salon or online from a retailer. It is important to follow the instructions from the supplier about brushing, general care and how to sleep in the pieces properly. This will not only protect the hairpiece and make it last longer, it will also make certain that the wearer is not causing any damage to their natural hair.

It is important to remember that a weave is not the same as an extension. A weave is attached to the natural hair and remains in until removed permanently. An extension is usually clipped in, comes in smaller sections to thicken specific areas and should be removed at night and when showering to protect the hair. It will usually be recommended that extensions are cared for separately from the natural hair to keep them from being damaged. Before purchasing either, each person should consider which method would be more convenient for them.

How to Have More Versatility in Your Hair Instantly